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To whom it may concern part I :
Recent situations within internet communications by email can imply deliverable problems, either if you want to send emails or, if you want to receive emails. So in some cases we received customer inquiries by email and of course we answered them. Unfortunately for some reason and a couple of days later, our reply to the customer came back to us with an undeliverable notice. There are different possible reasons for such a problem. Most of the time the customers email provider has limited the customers media space, which means that only a specific amount of emails can be received by the account holder. Once the email limit has been reached, further new emails can't be received until the older emails have been collected and deleted by the account holder. In another case a SPAM filter has filtered out our reply email. So in this case it is not possible for us to get in contact with you, or to send you answers to your previous email or license number requests by email. If you have sent an email to SuperControl and if you don't have received an answer yet (Inquiries to our SuperControl email addresses will be answered in most of the time immediately, in other cases in less than 12 hours), then please search for possible problems within your email account. If there is still no communication possible, then please try to contact the author in one of the authors bulletin boards or forums. Please check everything within your email account, before writing bad emails to SuperControl which can't be answered by us.

To whom it may concern part II :
If you have received suspicious e-mails with dangerous or bad content from a "SuperControl" reply address, please be advised that these e-mails are not from SuperControl. We never ever will send SPAM or unsolicited e-mails to unknown e-mail addresses. We only send e-mails with SuperControl related content to subscribers of our newsletter or to subscribers of our yahoo group or to individual e-mail inquiries. Individual SuperControl e-mails are generally signed with a special GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) / PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encrypted code, which certifies and identifies the correctness of the sender. You can prove this by having a look to the e-mail header. SuperControl e-mails will be always sent through our SuperControl mail server "". If you still have any questions about "SuperControl" e-mails, please feel free to contact us at any time, so we can help to find out the possible SPAM e-mail sender.

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Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP